New Findings on Arabs and Democracy

October 2012

The second wave of the Arab Barometer reveals strong and steady support for democracy in the Arab World but a deficit in democratic culture.


The Transformation of the Arab World

July 2012

The electoral triumph of Islamist parties has dampened the enthusiasm of democrats for the “Arab Spring.”

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The Languages of the Arab Revolutions

April 2012

The upheavals that have been shaking the Arab-Muslim world are revolutions in discourse as well as in the streets. Arabs are using not only traditional and religious vocabularies, but also a new set of expressions that are modern and represent popular aspirations.

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Tunisia’s Transition and the Twin Tolerations

April 2012

Of all the “Arab Spring” countries, so far only Tunisia has managed to make a transition to democracy. Tunisians now have a chance to show the world a new example of how religion, society, and the state can relate to one another under democratic conditions.

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Morocco: Outfoxing the Opposition

January 2012

Morocco was not immune to the 2011 upheavals in the Arab world, but the country’s monarchy deftly managed the crisis through cosmetic constitutional reform.

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