China and East Asian Democracy: The Coming Wave

If there is going to be a great advance of democracy in this decade, it is most likely going to emanate from East Asia.

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China and East Asian Democracy: The Patterns of History

The legitimacy and appeal of democracy in East Asia will depend on how democratic countries in the region stack up against China.


China and East Asian Democracy: Is CCP Rule Fragile or Resilient?

Is “authoritarian resilience” in China a passing phenomenon, or is it something more durable?


China and East Asian Democracy: The Taiwan Factor

If the PRC moves toward democracy, it is likely to be in some part due to the influence of Taiwan.

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Morocco: Outfoxing the Opposition

Morocco was not immune to the 2011 upheavals in the Arab world, but the country’s monarchy deftly managed the crisis through cosmetic constitutional reform.

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Indonesia: The Benefits of Civic Engagement

Indonesia, a populous, poor, predominantly Muslim society, has been able to maintain democracy thanks to a vibrant associational life.


Turkey Under the AKP: The Era of Dominant-Party Politics

The AKP’s 2011 election victory confirmed its status as the dominant force in Turkish politics, but also sparked fears that its unchecked power might threaten civil liberties. Now it must face the challenges of adopting a new constitution and dealing with the Kurdish question.


Democracy Assistance: What Recipients Think

A groundbreaking new survey shows that democracy assistance is highly valued by its recipients but that there remains room for improvement.


Corruption in India: An Enduring Threat

Social activist Anna Hazare’s hunger strike has helped to turn the world’s attention to India’s rampant corruption.


Corruption in India: Can Freedom of Information Help?

India’s Right to Information Act discourages corruption by giving every citizen the right to access information from any public authority.


Debating Electoral Systems: Getting Majoritarianism Right

Contrary to popular wisdom, emerging democracies might be better off with a majoritarian electoral system rather than one based on proportional representation.


Debating Electoral Systems: Getting Elections Wrong

Evidence from waves of democratization shows proportional election systems, however imperfect, to be the better option in most contexts.


Books in Review: Between Authoritarianism and Democracy

A review of Competitive Authoritarianism: Hybrid Regimes After the Cold War by Steven Levitsky and Lucan A. Way.


Election Watch

Reports on recent elections in Argentina, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Cameroon, The Gambia, Guatemala, Guyana, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Liberia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Oman, Poland, Russia, Tunisia, Zambia.


Documents on Democracy, January 2012

  • Excerpts from the concession speech of Zambia's former president Rupiah Banda after losing the September 20 presidential election to opposition leader Michael Sata.
  • Excerpts from the inaugural address of Zambia's newly elected president, Michael Sata.
  • Excerpts from the report "Russia Development Index 2010– 2011, published in November 2011 by Russia's Valdai Discussion Club, a group of domestic and international experts.