The Three Regions of the Old Soviet Bloc

January 2017

Today, there are three parts of the old Soviet bloc—one is democratic, another is wholly authoritarian, and a third “intermediate” group is caught between two worlds. This last should be the main focus of Western assistance.

The Maidan and Beyond: Oligarchs, Corruption, and European Integration

July 2014

Controlling corruption is a huge challenge for Ukraine, especially in the natural-gas industry. The steps needed are well understood, if only the political will to take them can be summoned.

Books in Review: The Dark Side of Globalization

July 2012

A review of Illicit: How Smugglers, Traffickers, and Copycats are Hijacking the Global Economy, by Moisés Naím.

Ten Years after the Soviet Breakup: The Advantages of Radical Reform

October 2001

The failures of post-Soviet reform notwithstanding, serious strides have been made toward economic and political transformation.