The Vote in the Philippines: Electing A Strongman

October 2016

The surprise victory of Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines’ May 2016 presidential election represents a major shift in the liberal-democratic
regime established thirty years ago after the “people power” revolution.

China and the “Singapore Model”

January 2016

China’s government looks to Singapore, the only country in the region to modernize without liberalizing, in hopes of finding the key to combining authoritarian rule with economic progress and “good governance.”

Reformism vs. Populism in the Philippines

October 2010

May 2010, Benigno Aquino III bested a crowded field to win the presidency. The election, which was remarkably clean and orderly, gave a clear victory to the reformist narrative that has long vied with populism in the Philippines.

Whatever Happened to "Asian Values"?

October 2001

In the wake of the East Asian economic crisis of 1997-98, how has the appeal to "Asian Values" fared as a rhetorical prop for undemocratic rule?