Hong Kong’s Democrats Hold Their Own

Issue Date January 2009
Volume 20
Issue 1
Page Numbers 98-112
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In September 2008, pandemocrats retained the voters’ support during the Legislative Council election. Beijing’s interferences with the elections, though less blatant than those of 2004, unmistakably cast doubt on its sincerity to implement democracy in Hong Kong by 2020. In 2008, Beijing promoted a new wave of pro-Beijing professionals with a stronger and more independent image. The sudden rise and stunning electoral victories of the Social Democrats, who are hallmarked by civil disobedience on behalf of democratic and social reforms, reflect a deepening sense of public despair about the futility of the current political system, and a proliferating radicalism.

About the Author

Ming Sing is associate professor at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He holds a doctorate in sociology from the University of Oxford, and is an editor of and contributor to Politics and Government in Hong Kong: Crisis under Chinese Sovereignty (2009).

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