January 2001

Volume 12, Issue 1

Pakistan’s Predicament

The military regime of General Musharraf has been less repressive than many had feared, but there is little sign that it is overcoming the deep-seated problems that led to the failure of Pakistani democracy.

How People View Democracy

Fighting Authoritarianism in Zimbabwe

The stunning defeat of a draft constitution backed by President Robert Mugabe and the opposition’s unexpectedly strong showing in the June 2000 parliamentary elections may have marked the beginning of the end of ruling-party hegemony in Zimbabwe.

Politics and Development

A review of Democracy and Development: Political Institutions and Well-being in the World 1950-1990, by Adam Przeworski, Michael E. Alvarez, Jose Antonio Cheibub, and Fernando Limongi.

Election Watch

Reports on elections in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Ghana, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Mauritius, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Yugoslavia.

Documents on Democracy

Excerpts from: a statement by Yugoslav presidential candidate Vojislav Kostunica; Mexican president Vicente Fox’s inaugural address; the declaration of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad.